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The Foundation for Women in Enterprise is committed to supporting businesswomen in the North East. We are always looking for opportunities to encourage, support and connect female entrepreneurs so this small grant programme is designed to help do just that. 

The Grants Panel will meet on the following dates: 

Application Closing Date:    Grants Panel Date:           
2nd March 2018 6th March 2018
27th July 2018 31st July 2018

Please ensure that your application forms are submitted by the closing date as applications received after the closing date will be held over until the following grants panel. Grant recipients will be notified of the outcome of their application within 7 days of the grants panel meeting. Please note that the decision of the Grants Panel is final. 

If you are self employed, complete this question:
If you run a business, complete this question:
If you have not started trading as of yet, what date do you expect to do so ?
To be eligible for this grant you must have ticked all 7 of the above statements.
Please note that grant applications for the following uses will not be accepted: rent, business overheads, fixed costs, stock purchasing, staff costs, insurance, advertisements, membership fees (other than of professional bodies related to a business). 
By completing and submitting this application you consent to your details being used for promotional purposes and you agree to being contacted for future publicity purposes. 

For further information about the work of the Foundation for Women in Enterprise, contact Pamela Hargreaves on 07976 375 977 or email

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